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Our intuitve wizard asks you about losses or expenses incurred due to the claim. Once all losses have been entered, our fully automated wizard calculates past and future losses using Ogden Tables 7th Edition. It even calculates the interest payable using interest rates since 1989. A fully complete schedule of loss is created with all the calculated losses and interest included. It's ready to be exchanged with your opponent or for filing with the Courts.

Loss of Earnings
Travel Expenses
Medical Expenses
Miscellaneous Expenses
Care & Assistance
Aids & Equipment
Loss of Pension
General Damages

Completed Schedule

Credit Based Payment

We use a prepaid credit based system. Credits are purchased in advance and these credits are used to create schedules.

1 Credit = 1 Schedule

A credit is redeemed every
time a schedule is generated

No. of Credits Purchased 1 3 10 20 50 100 500
Automatic Backups
Help & Support
Saving - £25.00 £50.00 £200.00 £550.00 £1,150.00 £6,000.00
Credits Cost £50.00 £125.00 £450.00 £800.00 £1,950.00 £3,850.00 £19,000.00
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